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There are many clinics out there but few like us. We are sensitive to our patient's needs and do all we can to ensure you are achieving the results you are after without being locked into contracts or paying exorbitant amounts of money.

52% of men suffer from impotence.*

A study done at the Boston University School of Medicine linked overall health to impotence. Researchers studied the medical histories of 1300 men aged 40 to 70. They found some impotence in a total of 52%.

Don't be a statistic. Get affordable help now!

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I found the treatment inexpensive, easy to use and it started to work after just a couple of days. The Doctors support service is discreet, helpful and very professional.
Chris, QLD
I am very happy with the service from the Men's Clinic, they are not just interested in selling you medication they will check what is wrong before giving medication out, I was surprised how affordable the prices are and much cheaper compared to anywhere else. They have helped me a lot in my treatment and I am very happy.
Anthony, NSW
From a wife's point of view, I have a new man who wants to do life with me again and we now share a greater love and freedom with each other.
Glenn & Jill, NSW
I have found the level of service very high. The staff take a caring and personal approach and respond to any requests for assistance immediately. The testosterone therapy has rejuvenated my life, I feel younger and more confident within myself. It has certainly changed my life for the better. I am extremely happy with both the service levels and the treatment provided by Mens Clinic International.
Keith, NSW

Men's Clinic International

Welcome to the Men's Clinic International and thank you and congratulations for letting us help with your problem. Sex can be an important part of your manhood and your relationship. Our Medical Professionals have extensive experience treating patients like you, from the ages of 18 to 93. We will endeavour to be sensitive to your situation, and to provide a confidential consultation and professional service.

The most common sexual problems for men worldwide are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. International research indicates that erectile dysfunction (ED) affects more than 50% of men over the age of 40, while premature ejaculation (PE) affects around 23.8% of Australian men* - being more common in young men. Before 1970 erection failure was seen as being of psychological origin: it is now generally accepted that there are a combination of physical and psychological causes for most men.

The treatment is paid for by you and supplied by the Clinic for your convenience and privacy: the treatments are not usually available in regular pharmacies, and are not subsidised by the government. We will refer you to the appropriate specialist if you need other services, such as counselling or surgery.

Up to 30% of men have restored their potency after the first course of medication and need no further treatment. Successful return to a normal sex life without further assistance depends on a number of factors, including any other medical conditions, the integrity of the penile tissue and vascular function, regular use of the treatment, changing habits (eg smoking, excess alcohol or caffeine consumption, and/or recreational drug use), maintaining a positive outlook, communicating with your partner, and improving physical fitness.

Men's Clinic International offers you a thorough and professional service to ensure the best possible results and will support you throughout your entire treatment programme. We provide regular follow up as well as review with our Doctors to be certain you are achieving the quality of life you desire.

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*23.8% of Australian men reported that they "came to orgasm too quickly" in the National Sex in Australia survey.

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